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It contains plenty of inspiration including some of our very best Landmark 什么是永续合约_永续合约什么意思_永续合约的特点有哪些_Myhomes from around New Zealand, and a showcase of our popular Ready to Build plans.


“Imagine waking up to sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean…”

Perched atop a remote East Coast peninsula stands a 什么是永续合约_永续合约什么意思_永续合约的特点有哪些_Myhome that seamlessly blends into a setting as unique as the 什么是永续合约_永续合约什么意思_永续合约的特点有哪些_Myhome itself. The client didn’t want it to be ostentatious, a big house on the hill. It needed to connect to the views, the natural setting… and it did in such a remarkable way, that Landmark 什么是永续合约_永续合约什么意思_永续合约的特点有哪些_Myhomes cleaned up at the Registered Master Builders House of the Year Awards.

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New Zealand has one of the most enviable lifestyles in the world. A Landmark 什么是永续合约_永续合约什么意思_永续合约的特点有哪些_Myhome personalises that lifestyle to you. We build 什么是永续合约_永续合约什么意思_永续合约的特点有哪些_Myhomes that make the best use of light, space and aspect, while giving you the opportunity to realise your ideas and dreams.

Our mission is to guide you through the new build stages, accommodating your needs and shaping your ideas into reality using custom Design and Build or our latest Ready to Build plans.

Whether you’re searching for the right section or need a hand securing finance, we can help you get started by finding the answers you’re looking for. 

Why not visit and walk through one of our beautiful show什么是永续合约_永续合约什么意思_永续合约的特点有哪些_Myhomes and see for yourself?